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Bienfang Masterpiece 210M-X Commercial 18.5 x 23" Dry Mounting Press Very Clean

Bienfang Masterpiece 210M-X Commercial 18.5 x 23" Dry Mounting Press Very Clean

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Fast Operation: Superior heating system quickly brings the platen to uniform temperature ensuring 100% bonding.

• Extended Temperature Range: Thermostat control adjusts from 150ºF to 350ºF (68 -177ºC) to cover a wide range of operating temperatures.

• Temperature Readout: Incorporates a direct-reading thermometer that accurately monitors platen temperature.

• Oversize Capacity: Design allows processing of materials larger than the press platen by sliding the work side-to side or out the front or back of the press.

• Extra-Wide Opening: Opens a full 20" (51cm) to provide easy access to platen surface.

• Easy Pressure Adjustment: Pressure adjusts and locks in seconds to accept materials up to 1" (25mm) thick.

• Non-Stick Surface: Platen surface is specially coated to help keep adhesives from sticking.

• Free-Floating Platen: Seats evenly on the work without shifting to provide uniform pressure across the entire surface.

• Rugged Construction: Steel cantilevers increase durability and allow maximum pressure on work within the press. Metal top and base construction adds ruggedness.

Model 210M-X

Serial: 00231

Good condition. Came from school surplus. heats up fine.

We do not have the capabilities to test this item completely but we will guarantee it to work properly. Please see returns policy for more information.

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