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Bircher Herkules 2 ES Black Microwave Motion Detector 241420 Used

Bircher Herkules 2 ES Black Microwave Motion Detector 241420 Used

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Information below is from Mfg. wesite.

Bircher Reglomat Hercules 2, Microwave Motion Sensor

Part: 241420

$1,300 New


The Hercules 2 microwave motion detector has been specifically developed for use with industrial doors. It detects, differentiates between or masks out people or vehicles and can switch the output relays separately, depending on the requirement.

Hercules 2 is a logical further refinement of our successful microwave detectors that are also used for automatic doors. Our wealth of experience, combined with progressive planar technology, gives Hercules 2 a considerable range of functions and reliability.


Prevents unwanted opening (Masks crossing traffic)

One device for many applications

Intelligent control of the industrial door

Wide range of applications for almost all heights of industrial doors (Detection Height 6.5' to 23' or 2 to 7 m)

Default enhanced function settings, straight forward wall or ceiling mounting

Can set using programming switches or RC Duo remote control (NOT INCLUDED)

Shockproof housing

Has variable detection areas for any application

This was from a lost freight shipment that used this in a forklift warning system. It does not to have been used, but has some dirt and scratches from being loose in a box.

We were able to power it up and it clicked when it sensed motion.

We do not have the capabilities to test this item completely but we will guarantee it to work properly. Please see returns policy for more information.

Manual available online.

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