Caterpillar 273-5723 Product Link Installation Harness Kit CAT 312, 924G +++ New

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Caterpillar 273-5723 Product Link Installation Harness Kit

  • Earthmoving Compactor
  • 825H 826H 836H

  • Wheel-Type Loader
  • 924G 924GZ 928G 930G 938G II 950G II 950H 962G II 962H 966G II 972G II 980G II 980H 992G

  • Wheel Dozer
  • 824H 834H 854G

  • Excavator
  • 312C 312C L 315C 318C 319C 322C 325C 330C L 345B II 345C

  • Pipelayer
  • 561N 572R II

  • Integrated Toolcarrier
  • IT28G IT62G II

  • Track-Type Loader
  • 953C 963C 973C

  • Track-Type Tractor
  • D10R D11R D5N D6N D6R II D7R II D8R II D8T

    This auctions is for what is shown in the picture. There is no software, antennas or subscriptions. It is the hardware kit Only.

    Everything that is listed in the parts list is there.

    Mfg.: Caterpillar
    Part # 273-5723
    256-6803 Radio Harness Assembly
    256-6804 Control Harness Assembly
    257-9363 Radio Harness Assembly
    262-1421 Communication Electronics GP PL300
    263-9088 Communication Electronic Control Module PL121
    Misc mounting hardware

    In factory distressed box

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