Kelley Star 4 Truk Stop Vehicle Restraint System New

Sale price$2,695.00


Star 4 Truk Stop Vehicle Restraint System

Non-impact design, push button operation

Low profile design

Horizontal hooking range: 0″ – 10″ from face of a 4″ bumper

Compatible with NHTSA regulation rear impact guards

Automatic interior/exterior 24V LED light communication system

Linear actuator drive system

Exterior-mounted “caution” sign with standard and reversed lettering for the vehicle driver

The Kelley Restraint Control Panel is a streamlined, easy-to-use interface for operating trailer restraints at the dock. The innovative and streamlined restraint control features a thin, space-saving profile as well as a singular NEMA 4X rated LED Composite Light with multiple display ability. This bright, easy-to-understand indicator light alerts drivers and workers to the state of the dock before taking action.


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