Perten Type 3310 Laboratory Grain Mill 120V Used

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Perten Type 3310 Laboratory Grain Mill 120V

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The Laboratory Mill 3310 is designed for grinding samples of grains, pellets, meals, feeds, and forages. The ground sample can then be used for analyses such as NIR, Falling Number, Glutomatic, Kjeldahl, etc. The Laboratory Mill 3100 is a hammer type cyclone mill, built into a soundproof casing. An adjustable vacuum feed control regulates the feed rate of the sample into a metallic grinding chamber. A hardened steel hammer rotates at high speed forcing the sample through a stainless sieve. Standard sieve of 0.8 mm is used for Falling Number, Glutomatic System and NIR analyses. Sieves from 0.5 - 2.0 mm are available. The fine, homogeneous sample is separated from air in a cyclone and collected in a quick release stainless steel container. The cyclone principle makes the mill virtually self-cleaning thus increasing lab throughput, accuracy, and efficiency.

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