AeroGo 8,000lb Aero-Pallet System 35" x 40" Used Very Little

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AeroGo Aero-Pallet System

35" x 40"

This was custom so there is an extra 10" plate welded on it.

(It could be cut off.)

It was originally used with a cantilever (See Last Picture) so that is why the tag says 412lb max. 

I spoke with factory and here is there response:

This was built for a very specific application, where a barrel was going to be cantilevered on a plate.  For that reason, the capacity of the unit was 420 lbs.  The air casters are capable of much more, but the plate could not handle any more.

 If it is no longer being used this way, and the plate has been removed, the capacity of the pallet would be 8,000 Lbs.

The dimensions in front of the plate are 30" x 35" 

Used Very Little

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