Infinity Photo-Optical Co. KV Video Long-Distance Microscope Used

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Infinity Photo-Optical Co. KV Video Long-Distance Microscope

Infinity Model KV Long-Distance Microscope

infin-kvInfinity’s long-distance microscopes are designed from the outset as true microscope systems, not merely reconfigured telescopes with close-focusing capabilities. The result is, that they yield true microscopical magnification and resolution equal to similarly-resolving microscope objectives, but at more than 20 times the working distance!

The model KV™ is a miniaturized video-only version of the Model K2 Long-Distance Microscope. Although much more compact than a typical K2, the Model KV attains nearly identical video magnification at similar working distances. This is made possible by the use of special optics to compress the mechanical tubelength with virtually no change in image quality. The tubelength compression also made it possible to use smaller parts, considerably reducing overall dimensions and weight. This makes the KV an ideal video solution whenever the K2 is too large or heavy

Infinity Model KV Long-Distance Microscope

Video Dedicated Lightweight and compact for video applications
All-Internal Focusing
Afocal Variation System (AVS) Technology
Greatest Range of focus in the industry. Spherical aberration control. Modularity & compactness.
Variable Aperture Control Depth-of-Field Control.
Controllable Brightness and Resolution.
Refractive Optics Superior Resolution.
Unobstructed Aperture.
Easy to Use Small, lightweight, easy-to-use with user-selectable depth-of-field, magnification, resolution
and aberration control—at will—at any distance.

Video Dedicated

The Model KV is a video-dedicated version of the Model K2 Long-Distance Microscope. Options such as as the Zoom Module, TR tube, Morrow-Diverter (dual-ports), Eyepiece Holders or Unipar are generally not applicable.

Focusing Ring Lock

Like the Model K2 the Model KV is composed of a Main Body which contains its patented AVS™ internal focusing system, activated by rotation of the focusing ring.

The KV is equipped with an Integral Focusing Ring Lock. As many as three 2-56 setscrews can be used to lock the fluted focusing ring at a specific point.


Besides the focusing ring, the KV has a built-in iris diaphragm for depth of field and light attenuation control.

Objectives are screwed-on

Although the KV’s objectives are optically more complex than their K2 counterparts, the bulkier dovetail exchangers used on the Model K2 have been replaced with more compact screw-in mounts.


The KV’s magnification presumes one amplifier in-system. Amplifiers are lenses that supplement the KV’s magnification by 2x factors. The DL Tube can be ganged with another of its own kind and fits between the video camera and C-mount. Two ganged DL Tubes provide 4x amplification, or 2x KV rated power.


The KV functions best when the objective is as evenly and as brilliantly illuminated as possible. Intense lamps or fiber optic illuminators should be used. An adapter is available to mount 66mm fiber optic ring lights to the filter holders of all objectives except the CF-4.

Used Working

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