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E-Mon EIDR-8-J10ST Interval Data Recorder IDR EZ-7 Modbus TCP/IP New

E-Mon EIDR-8-J10ST Interval Data Recorder IDR EZ-7 Modbus TCP/IP New

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E-Mon IDR Interval Data Recorders collect and store interval energy data from meters in time-stamped intervals for later download. Whereas a meter, such as an E-Mon D-Mon submeter, continuously reads energy usage as it occurs, an IDR collects and stores meter information at specified time periods, allowing for profiling of meter data and more detailed comparative analysis or billing.

The IDR collects kWh an kW demand information from meters in field selectable 5, 15, 30 or 60-minute interval periods. Data can be collected from up to 8 or 16 separate meters/channels of information. Up to 72 days of 15-minute interval data is stored in onboard memory. The IDR interval meter data can be accessed via a variety of communication options including; telephone, Ethernet, ModBus, BACnet, Internet, LonWorks TP or MV-90. Data can be used to interface with E-Mon Energy Automatic Meter Reading & Billing software, Building Automation/Management Systems or other energy software.

8 Meters

Standard JIC Enclosure

Screw Terminals

EZ7 w/Modem & Modbus TCP/IP

$1,900 New

New in open distressed factory box

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