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Exergen Infrared Thermocouple 1Rt/C-J-240/120C

Exergen Infrared Thermocouple 1Rt/C-J-240/120C

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Infrared Thermocouple

All 1Rt/c models with the "A" designator can be field callibrated for the specific requirements of the application to precisely indicate the actual temperature of the target, and to correct for reflective errors caused by ambient variations.

The basic operation of the 1Rt/c adjustment is to rescale the signal output until it matches the actual temperature for the thermocouple type in use.
In the vicinity of the calibration point, the output will match the linearity of the t/c. When the adjustment is made to actual temperature, the Automatic Ambient Compensation System is automatically correctly scaled.

Model 1Rt/C-J-240/120C

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