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TCM-66C Tube Cut to Length Machine

TCM-66C Tube Cut to Length Machine

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The T66-C series represent a new generation of low-priced tube cutting machines, independent from compressed air. Thanks to the electronic control system combined with a microprocessor, a fully automatic production process can be achieved.
All control elements are integrated in a foil-laminated keyboard. After introduction of a cable the desired number of sections and the length are keyed in and stored. For control purposes the first cable to be cut to length is processed by pressing the ((TEST)) key. Any deviations from the set value, caused e.g. by various tube types ), can then be equalized, without changing the actual value by means of the correction key P+ and P-.
Feed rate can be selected by pressing the relevant key (5O/1OO/15O/2OO mm per second). Length measurement in mm or 1/1OO".
An integrated interactive system provides operating information in the highly readable display. This modern combination of microprocessor technology and high-precision mechanical components guarantees universal applicability and long service life.

Tubes or sleeves which ore thin walled or manufactured from soft material which will collapse when compressed by the feed rollers. Max. diameter 10 mm (with standard rollers). Tubes or sleeves which ore thick walled or are manufactured from hard material, which will not collapse when, compressed by the feed rollers. Max. Diameter 10 mm (with form rollers). Note: Maximum diameter of tube with drive gears still in mesh is 3,5 mm.

Came from closed manufacturing plant.
There is no Mfg. name on it but we believe it was made by Tomken and is discontinued. We have no manual or instructions.
We powered it on and did some basic cutting and it seemed to work fine.
Model: TCM-66C
Serial: Unreadable

We do not have the capabilities to test this item completely but we will guarantee it to work properly or we will give you a 100% refund (Excluding shipping) if returned to us within 14 days.

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