ION Marine Seismic Energy Depth Transducer 0700205 New

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ION Depth Transducer
Corrosion resistant, high impact housing provides
high reliability and longer life.
Reliable replacement for existing energy source array
depth transducers used in the industry.
Reduced weight and length for easier handling and
Lower operating cost.
High precision sensor provides high quality

The ION Depth Transducer is a cost effective, submersible, remotely operated transducer, designed to monitor the depth of marine seismic energy source arrays.
A corrosion resistant, stainless steel housing is utilized ton withstand the high level of shock and vibration encountered in the marine environment.
The transducer is factory calibrated for zero offset at one standard atmosphere and is scaled for a typical seawater specific gravity of 1.026. Each transducer is supplied with a quick disconnect air hose coupling for performing onboard calibration checks.

This Depth Transducer uses a single pair of wires to receive electrical power and transmit continuous depth measurements to a shipboard control unit. The depth information is carried by a pulse frequency modulated signal that is superimposed onto the DC supply voltage. The connector used is an industry standard RM-4M marine connector.

Accuracy: 0.17 m (0.56 ft)
Pressure range: 0 psia to 50 psia (psi at atmospheric pressure)
Depth range: 0 m to 24.2 m (0 ft to 80 ft)
Maximum depth: 675 m (1,000 psia)
Burst depth: 1,018 m (1,500 psia)
Operating temperature:20C to +60C (4F to +140F)
Compensated temperature: 6C to +49C (+21.2F to +120.2F)

Zero depth: 0 psig (1 standard atmosphere)
Frequency @ zero depth: 2 kHz
Scale factor: 100 Hz/m (30.5 Hz/ft)
Seawater specific gravity: 1.026

Interface: Two-wire, bi-directional
Input voltage: 20 Vdc to 24 Vdc
Typical current: 13 mA to 20 mA

Output Pulse:
Frequency: 992 Hz to 4,420 Hz
Pulse width: 25 3
Typical amplitude: 15 V
Polarity: Negative
Baseline: 20 Vdc to 24 Vdc (power supply voltage)

Electrical Connector: RM-4M

Pressure Connector:
Calibration fitting: 1/4-in industrial interchange quick disconnect
Pressure snubber: Integral to transducer

Physical Characteristics:
Length: 181 mm (7.12 in)
Diameter: 47 mm (1.85 in)
Weight: 1.2 kg (2.7 lb)

Part # 0700205
SN: MA38720-1

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