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Messko Compact MT-ST160WR-RM Transformer Oil Winding Temp. Indicator Kit New

Messko Compact MT-ST160WR-RM Transformer Oil Winding Temp. Indicator Kit New

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The temperature of the winding is measured and determined indirectly. The temperature difference between the winding and the coolant is a function of the actual current in the winding. The transformer secondary current is proportional to the current in the transformer winding. The secondary current of the transformer feeds a heating resistor in the thermometer and so produces a display reading of the transformer load, corresponding to the actual measured oil temperature(temperature gradient). This indirect method provides a display of the average or maximum winding temperature(i.e.a thermal image). The heater current is set to a characteristic curve using a potentiometer located in the dial indicating thermometer. It can be set in the factory or by the customer.

Dial indicating thermometers with adjustable microswitches. The mechanical measuring system is autonomous, energy independent and remains serviceable and stable long-term. The dial indicating thermometer is installed in the thermometer pocket in the transformer tank and provides a direct indication of the measured value.
The thermometers are suited for application in extreme climate conditions; through the UV laminated safety glass measuring values can be read even after decades. The closed system with pressure cell keeps dirt and water out. So there isnoreadjustment or re-calibration necessary for the entire lifetime.


Temperature measurement

Display of the measured values

Alarm messages

Remote indication of the measured values

An extra advantage is that the temperature sensors are quite small and fit in all standard transformer thermometer pockets and wells.

Mfg: Messko

Part: 635-304320


Winding temperature Indicator MT-ST160WR/RM/4A/4M/DS (4 Microswitches 250V AC/.2A 60VDC/.2A, 4m Capillary tube, 0-180 C)

Multi Ballast Transformer 639050

9 pin 8' ANSI-Connector Cable, 106200-096

Thermowell 7/8-14UNF 1/2-14NPT, 192520

Instructions and test sheets

New in distressed open factory box

We do not have the capabilities to test this item completely but we will guarantee it to work properly. Please see returns policy for more information.

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