Polar Bear Continuous Supply Distiller 42D-25, Pump Kit PK-3 Auto Drain AD-1 New

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Polar Bear Water Distillers are constructed of high grade polished stainless steel with a ten-year warranty on stainless steel components. The Incoloy alloy sheathed, extra length heating elements are made to dissipate heat over a larger surface. The Incoloy sheathing protects against corrosive chemicals in the water. Once the steam is condensed, the distilled water passes through a granulated coconut charcoal filter. This aerates the water, giving it a "fresh" taste and traps any volatile gases that may have escaped in the distilling process. Polar Bear distillers have a refillable stainless steel filter canister between the distiller and the holding tank. The standard automatic start/stop float system prevents the unit from boiling dry, extending the life of the heating element.

Pump Distilled Water To A Convenient Location
A pump option can be easily attached to the holding tank. This independent pressure system allows the delivery of distilled water, on demand, to several locations in the work place. An ideal installation is to a separate tap to feed other appliances that can benefit from distilled water. A built in safety feature protects the pump should water no longer be available in the tank for distribution.

Electronic auto drain option
Automatically drains the impurities from the boiling tank every 24 hours of distillation. Should the feed water quality be very poor, the electronic circuit board may be easily customized to12 or 6 hour draining cycles. Features

Distilling Capacity 12 Gallons a Day (based on 24 hours continuous operation under ideal conditions)
Holding Tank Capacity 25 Gallons
Size 40.5" H x 22.5" wide x 16" D
Electrical: 120 Volts

Auction Includes:
PBD 42D-25 Distiller
AD-1 Electronic Auto-Drain
Pump Kit Model# PK-3
New in Factory Box
Retails at $3,500

We will guarantee it to work properly or we will give you a 100% refund (Excluding shipping) if returned to us within 14 days.

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