SciPres Pressure Monitor with Cables and Sensors 110/240V 2/12 Calibration

Sale price$600.00


The SciPres Sensor Monitor provides three sensor inputs for measuring up to three SciLog pressure sensors (P1, P2 & P3) simultaneously. The sensor readout permits the user selectable display of differential pressure (DP) and trans-membrane pressure (TMP). The SciPres Monitor has both analog outputs and digital outputs (RS-232). Four TTL alarm switches and user-selectable high / low pressure limit settings for each sensor input.

Calibrated 2/2012

Serial: SP0212H-1602

110/240 Volt

Unit appears New but Sensors have some dirt on them and may be used. Was acquired from a lost freight shipment so we have no history on it.

Not in factory box.

$3,500 New

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