Thermal Engineering 2001 Hermeti-Check Compressor Analyzer

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Hermeti-Check tests all single phase compressors up to 5 H.P., 110, 220 or 277 volts.
Tied-up compressors may be freed by reversing motor rotations.
Tests windings for opens, continuity, and grounds.
Tests start and run capacitors and system relays by substitution.
Measures running amps, 0-10, 50A range.
Measures start and run volts, 0-150, 600V AC ranges.
Compressors are tested in the manner in which they were designed to operate: Split-phase, capacitor start, or PSC.
Has provisions for connecting external run capacitor. 1 30A breaker protected to allow high starting current with adequate overload protection.
Complete with 220V adapter cord and capacitor leads.
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