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Wells 5K-PW106 120V Hydro-Surge Pot Washer New

Wells 5K-PW106 120V Hydro-Surge Pot Washer New

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Well's PW1060 Hydro-Surge washer is a heavy-duty commercial washer that is designed for easy installation into the side of a 12" or deeper metal sink. With the help of the PW1060, kitchen clean-up becomes a breeze, thanks to the compact units 1/3 h.p. motor that circulates 500 gallons of water per minute. The unit works by first suctioning in water through a removable stainless steel intake screen. The water is sped up by the 1725-RPM motor and powerfully discharged in a figure 8 pattern for maximum cleaning with minimal effort. The powerful water discharge easily cleans caked on pots and pans with little to no scrubbing. The PW106 is also great to cut time on washing things like vegetables, seafood, and fruit. Well's Hydro-Surge washing unit is the perfect answer for a person who has limited space in their kitchen and wants to cut time and work out of the cleaning process.

The PW106 pump housing and the removable intake screen have stainless steel construction to stand up to heavy use in commercial kitchens. The impeller is made out of a strong non-corrosive nickel- steel alloy and all bearings are permanently sealed so no lubrication is required. Well's PW106 also features an automatic overload protector that will help prevent burnout on the unit. The Hydro- Surge power switch is located on the motor. The motor extends 11 1/2" from the side of the sink and is 5 1/4" tall. The PW106 also includes a 4' long power cord
Wells Hydro-Surge Pot Washer Pump/Motor

Part: 5K-PW106

1/3 HP 120V

Amazon Price: $1,402

New no factory box, Has dent in fan cover and small dent in pump cover, cosmetic only.
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